Three Keys to Mastering B2B Email Like a Jazz Musician

With personalization, automation & A/B testing top the list of marketing priorities for brands today, what is the B2B email marketer’s roadmap to success in a cross-channel world? Through years of designing Pardot’s B2B marketing automation tools & researching what works for users, I’ve learned that the key isn’t more data… it’s the ability to see opportunity & improvise, just like a jazz musician. In this session, digital marketers will learn how creative B2B email marketing can delight audiences in unexpected ways, like the legends of jazz.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Use testing for benchmarks (not a free metrics boost) like the best high-performance marketers
  • Understand how target audience segmentation & personalized content strategies work together
  • Leverage cross-channel brand consistency & real-time behavioral triggers to drive results