Recession-Proof Marketing: 8 Tips I Learned After 8 Years Working at Instagram & YouTube

Reaching millions of people isn’t an accident. It’s a process – one that Jon Youshaei mastered as a leading marketer at YouTube, Instagram and writer for Forbes and Time magazine. Especially with a recession looming, there’s never been a better time to revamp your marketing to reach more people at lower costs.

In this keynote, Youshaei shares the latest tools, tips, and tactics you’ll need to do exactly that, including how to use artificial intelligence in a way that most of your competitors won’t. By the end of his talk, you’ll have your notepad filled with how to break through the noise without breaking the bank.

As a bonus, Jon will also host a Q&A after the keynote and do live “Instagram Audits” where he’ll review your brand’s page and provide a list of personalized changes you can implement immediately.