Deliver Value to Customers In-store Through a Mobile App

Intent to buy in-store is 28 times higher than when online. The CLV of omni-channel customers is 15% higher than average. An app is uniquely positioned to serve omni channel customers because it is location aware, has access to a device’s camera, knows about customer intent and is available on the go. Learn how the Best Buy mobile app’s personalized, localized and relevant in-store experience provides value to customers in-store and opens-up unique marketing opportunities to connect customers to the brand.

At the end of the session, you will able to:

  • Use Mobile apps to offer value at various stages of a customer’s store visit (pre-visit preparation, in-store experience & post visit)
  • Leverage marketing opportunities that open up during these stages to increase wallet size
  • Provide a positive in-store experience that helps you stay connected with customers and increase CLV