Circles of Marketing: Keep Your Business Growing with Customer Acquisition AND Retention

Lead Funnels are passe and inaccurate. They don’t account for the full life-cycle and relationship you’re going to have with your clients. Many businesses are mostly focused on Acquisition and Conversion, but completely ignore the most important parts of your client relationship: AFTER you make the sale. You generate 75% more business in the post-sale phase with retaining your clients. These days, we need to leverage our clients’ experience to create brand evangelists which will help your business keep growing.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand that we MUST focus on Product and Retention, or we’ll be wasting marketing dollars
  • Leverage client experiences and relationships to create brand evangelists, saving you marketing dollars
  • Close the loops in the Circles of Marketing to keep your customers coming back
  • Creating magnets for your business who attract new clients, and fuel your organic acquisition